Why Choose Us?


Let’s be candid for a moment...

The real estate business is one of the most populated industries in the U.S. Chances are, you know a friend or other relationship that is in our business today.  Before empowering anyone with the ability to significantly impact your finances, we encourage you to ask yourself this question:


Since real estate is such a large asset and becoming an agent is so easy, how important is it for me to thoroughly vet the people that will be giving me critical real estate advice?


In a sea of webpages, large firms and advertising, it is often easy to miss the critical distinctions that set one practitioner apart from another. To make the right choice, the interview process must become your friend.

For over 30 years, our practice continues to grow on a set of principles that have been implemented by choice. Living by them drives our perspective and keeps our good reputation intact. Since our combined experience spans 44 years and includes commercial and residential brokerage, development, appraisal and expertise in helping those with physical disabilities, there isn’t a whole lot that we haven’t seen, or can’t help with in some way.



The following principles represent the foundation of our approach to serving the needs of our clients.


 Everyone is treated with respect...always. Be it a service provider, buyer, seller or other broker, how well a person is treated often has an impact on whether a transaction closes or not. By treating everyone with respect, our client’s interests are always better served.


∙ We listen. By making a conscious effort to hear exactly what you are saying, we become better equipped to help you get the results you want and deserve.


∙ Being proactive is paramount. Having to force a deal in any way is often a symptom of some issue that has been left unresolved. By anticipating potential concerns throughout the transaction, complications are avoided and the chances of coming to a happy closing table is greatly increased.   


∙ We tell the truth. The trust developed with our clients will never be compromised by our withholding of the truth. You may not always like what needs to be said but, armed with the necessary information, a truly informed decision can be made.


∙ Those we represent receive the very best advice we can give, for their benefit...not ours. Even after three decades in business, changing times and methodologies require ongoing education and it continues to be a top priority.


∙ Doing the right thing always bears itself out in the long run.


Since ours is a family business and we work together on every transaction, you can always expect one of us to be available to take your call or text. Unlike other providers in the real estate industry, being accessible to our clients is something we take very seriously. Also, since our website, photography and video work is all done in house, you can always be assured that your property will always receive the best quality presentation and widest possible exposure.


Lastly, as consumers ourselves, we don’t appreciate anyone pressuring us. As such, you can expect us to answer any questions you may in an easy, comfortable fashion and with absolutely no strings attached. Afterwards, we won’t bug you either.


There you have it. If how we do our business aligns with you and your goals, please contact us here and leave us your contact information. We’ll be in touch to set a time for coffee so you can get your questions answered. We would be honored to show you why you should always Expectmoore out of your real estate representation.