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If you are looking to buy or sell an accessible or barrier free housing in West Michigan, we can help.

Over 40 years ago, and quite by accident, I became familiar the many challenges disabled people face each day by learning how to be of assistance to a paralyzed member of our church. In the decades that followed, I hadn’t given this experience much thought until one snowy morning in 1997 when I met a young paraplegic woman who needed some help out of her car. Since I was in the real estate business, she asked me to come talk to her and her husband about finding them a better living situation.

At that meeting in their rented home, she excused herself to go to the restroom and seconds later, it sounded as if she had fallen out of her chair. When her husband saw my alarm, he told me not to worry. As it turns out, she had purposely pushed herself out on to the floor because the chair would not fit through the bathroom doorway. This experience had a profound impact on me and, from that day, we have made it our mission to use the knowledge we have acquired to service the needs of those with physical limitations.

Since so many in our population are aging, every year brings a wider range of new products that can help to address the needs of those with limited mobility. New remodeling products and techniques are also available and allow for the retrofitting of existing homes not possible even a few short years ago.

Since every person’s need is unique, we invite you to leave you contact information below. We’ll buy you a cup of coffee in a relaxed setting and see how we can assist you.

- Kevin Moore