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Scott Moore


I’m a proud graduate of Grand Valley State University having earned a Bachelors degree in Business Management. I began my real estate practice in 2004.

Over the last 12 years, my business has grown extensively due to a good hard work ethic and an intentional effort to develop and enhance the very best set of professional and interpersonal skills possible. This has equipped me to provide excellent advice, thorough systems that eliminate mistakes and the ability to build solid relationships with my clients, other agents and a wide range of service providers. I’ve learned how to effectively negotiate the most advantageous terms for the benefit of those I work and always hold myself to a high standard of personal integrity and ethical business practices. This makes it possible for me to provide exceptional professional guidance during what is often a complex an complicated legal transaction. Because I am a continuous learner, my marketing and technical abilities are regularly enhanced through ongoing educational opportunities. As such, our marketing and property exposure methodologies are always up to date and provide my clients with every opportunity to get the highest and best offer for their real estate holdings.

I am also well versed in the needs of clients with physical limitations and disabilities. Over the years, I’ve been involved in the planning and construction of homes and additions built specifically for those who have experienced a catastrophic accident, lost mobility due to age or illness or have family members who can benefit from living spaces designed specifically for their ease of use.

I love the fact that this business allows me to serve a wide range of individuals with very diverse needs. Everyone needs a partner they can trust to help them find the perfect property for their family and I’m honored to have served so many in this regard. If you have a real estate need, please consider giving me an interview. If you like what you see, it would be my honor to help you as well.

My personal interests include membership in several young professional business organizations and I enjoy a large circle of friends. I also love playing golf, spending time with my family and, if I’m not around, there is a pretty good chance you’ll probably find me on my boat.


Kevin Moore

Associate Broker

I entered the real estate business in 1988 after spending 6 years with the Land/Legal Department of Shell Western Exploration and Production as a Field Land Manager. This time in my early career gave me extensive experience in the title and title curative aspects of sub-surface and surface real estate and honed a unique set of negotiation skills that were essential to the successful acquisition of leasehold, mineral interest and surface rights across Oklahoma, Texas, and Michigan.

This early development of what eventually grew into a very unique skill set continues to be an asset to my clients today. For almost 40 years I have been interacting with individuals, attorneys, boards, family trusts and non-profits, and these experiences ultimately prepared me for the many varied roles I now play in the real estate business. The early experience of preparing for presentations in front of corporate and governmental entities as translated seamlessly to those needed to address our client needs in front of city and township zoning and regulatory boards.


Since 1988, I’ve had experience with a wide range of real estate functions. In the past,  I’ve held a State Licensed Appraiser license with the state of Michigan, co-owned a professional appraisal company and co-founded a commercial real estate brokerage and development firm. In over 28 years in real estate, my scope of work has included the appraisal of thousands of residential properties, the sale and lease of office, retail and restaurant properties as well as commercial build-to-suit and condominium development. My expertise also extends to servicing the needs of those with physical challenges, from brokering existing accessible properties to the consultation, design remodel and construction of new ones.

Along with my love of the business and the many of the personal friendships that have come through my work, my other interests include writing, boating, golf and travel. My wife and I have been married for 25 years and have been blessed to have visited more than 25 countries around the world. These experiences have deeply enriched our lives and broadened our personal perspectives. Above everything else, my greatest joy is getting to work with two of my sons and spending quality time with my family and my incredibly talented wife.

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